SOMOGC Updates – August 2020

August 17, 2020 by

August 2020 SOMOGC Updates / Research Admin Check-In Meeting Roundup


  • OSP Post-Award Presentation – Cost Share Account True-Up process
    • Accounts will be “trued-up” (i.e. balanced to $0) at the end of each quarter
    • Post-Award will contact the department/fiscal contact to confirm the non-sponsored fund source and transfer funds to the CS account in Cost Share-specific expenditure types to bring the balance to $0
    • Contact Kelly Mays and Mike Priddy for questions


  • OSP Pre-Award/Account Create
    • In order to facilitate setup of internal subprojects at the time of award, the ePRF should include the OSP Internal Subproject Setup Sheet (available on the SOMOGC website) or a budget that includes the subproject PI, org, Fiscal Contact, and project short title for Oracle. If this information is not available, OSP will not be able to set up the internal subprojects without an eSPAR request from the award-owning org after-the-fact.
    • If you have transaction controls that will need to be released on a new account for items built into your submitted budget, information about those requested expenditure types should be included in the ePRF. Not all items will be released automatically and may still require submission of an eSPAR request after award, but some transaction controls for renewal/supplemental/continuation accounts may be carried over from year to year if noted on the ePRF.


  • eSPAR reminders
    • COVID-19 question – this question is referencing the specific transaction of the eSPAR, not the research itself. Please be sure to note any transaction (e.g. NCE, rebudgeting, etc) that is a result of the COVID pandemic.  The response cannot be changed after-the-fact, so if it is incorrect you will need to abandon and re-create the eSPAR.
    • Transaction types – please be sure to use the correct eSPAR transaction type. The “Other Sponsor Prior Approval” request should be used for any transaction that requires sponsor approval (e.g. contract amendment) which does not fit into the other categories.  The “click here” transaction type should be used rarely.  If you have any questions about which transaction type to use, please contact your administrators in SOMOGC.


  • Subaward Request Form/SP30 reminder – only one section needs to be completed per transaction – either New Request or Modification (not both!)


  • For consistency and simplicity, SOMOGC is moving to a single email address for outgoing grant applications – This should be used on all applications, including ASSIST, Workspace, foundation/non-federal proposals, subcontracts from other institutions, etc.


  • Forms Approval Matrix enforcement to begin September 1! All transactions must contain approvals per this matrix prior to submission to SOMOGC.
    • Notable changes from historical practice include PI approval on ALL transactions, including JIT and RPPR/progress reporting



  • The COVID Financial Tracker app is live and a link went out to all faculty PIs recently. Data must be entered by August 30, so please reach out to your investigators to ensure this is complete.  If you have any questions, please contact or your SOMOGC administrator.


  • SOMOGC is creating a working group to review/discuss options for creating a mandatory standard budget spreadsheet. The goal is to create consistency and ease of use, which will expedite proposal review.  If you’d like to be part of this initiative or have feedback to offer, please contact Steve Lichtenstein or Lauren Armstrong.


  • SOMOGC is preparing a customer satisfaction survey to gather general feedback and suggestions. Look for this in your inbox in the next week or so.  Please share with anyone who has feedback to offer and let us know how we’re doing!


Download the update document here