Division of Infectious Diseases & International Health

The UVA Division of Infectious Diseases & International Health has a long tradition of excellence in research, patient care and education. Division faculty are extending the tradition into new frontiers of research, and training a new generation of physician-scientists to meet the challenges of infectious diseases in an increasingly “flat” global community.

Research is supported by more than $29 million in annual extramural funding in 8 departments and 4 divisions in the School of Medicine, including global health initiatives supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the NIH, and carried out with partners in countries around the world, among them Bangladesh, Brazil, Haiti, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.


"Dr Amy Mather's efforts have been absolutely critical in allowing us to address and understand this pandemic.." ~ Mitchell H. Rosner, MD MACP, Chair, Department of Medicine

Doctors at the University of Virginia Medical Center wanted to test patients who may be infected by the novel coronavirus. First, they had to overcome obstacles that set them back weeks

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UVA Research Reveals Unseen Infections Harming World’s Children

Up to 30 percent of children in low-resource countries suffer from stunted growth. Two new studies show that many children are carrying harmful infections that ultimately prevent them from reaching their full potential and perpetuate a vicious cycle of poverty.
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ID Division Expansion with Addition of OPAT Service

The ID Division provides a safety net for patients leaving UVA hospital with intravenous antimicrobials. Last year, this safety net was expanded by the initiation of the Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT) Service team of ID physicians.
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UVA Research Team Creates One-of-a-Kind Database

A team of University of Virginia researchers have put the finishing touches on what they believe is the only geo-located database of HIV research conducted in Russia and former Soviet Union countries.
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Scientists Create Immunity to Deadly Parasite

New research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine and the University of Colorado scientists demonstrates the effectiveness adjusting the landscape of the human body to remove the mechanism that allows pathogens to cause disease.

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Notable Achievements – March 2020

Congratulations to the faculty below who have been awarded the 2020 School of Medicine Medical Education Fellowships (total of $100,000) for their innovative proposals! We had a strong pool of…

Get Involved! DOM’s Own March Madness Race to Support the Charlottesville Free Clinic

With March Madness on the way, please click on the below link to find out more about the 1st annual UVA Department of Medicine March Madness Fundraiser to support the…

ID Division Expansion with Addition of OPAT Service

The OPAT Team, from left front row: Lindsay Donohue, Heather Cox, Catherine Kidd,Tania Thomas , Megan Shah, back row: Zach Elliott, Chris Moore, Josh Eby The ID Division provides a…

Notable Achievements

Congratulations to Dr Larry Lum on receiving a Launchpad grant from UVA for $125,000 for Bispecific Antibody Targeted T Regulatory Cells (TREGs) for Type 1 Diabetes. Congratulations to Drs Christiana…

Message from Infectious Division Chief Eric Houpt, MD

It is an honor to share an update from the Division of Infectious Diseases and International Health. We are 35 faculty, nine fellows, and four nurse practitioners supported by terrific…

Infectious Diseases Staff Profile – Glenn Glover

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I was born in the Morristown, New Jersey and I’m the youngest of three boys. The first nine years of my life we…

En Virginia, la voz de la epidemia de COVID-19 habla español El Tiempo Latino http://disq.us/t/3q5zkmm

The voice of the COVID-19 epidemic in Virginia speaks Spanish. Important commentary by UVA ID's Scott Heysell and Kristen Petros de Geux on COVID-19 & Latinx communities

We are thrilled to welcome our new class of UVA ID fellows, (L->R) Dr. Jackie Hodges (⁦@jchodges03⁩), Dr. Jen Sasson, & Dr. Brian Grundy (⁦@BrianGrundy⁩). We are so glad you are here and look forward to following all your accomplishments!

Should you get tested for #COVID19 antibodies? Does having them mean you can't get the coronavirus? Listen to infectious disease specialist Eric Houpt, MD, discuss @wvpublic. https://www.wvpublic.org/post/face-masks-antibodies-immunity-ongoing-discussions-coronavirus-pandemic#stream/0 @UVA_ID

Which drugs and therapies are proven to work, and which ones don't, for COVID-19? https://theconversation.com/which-drugs-and-therapies-are-proven-to-work-and-which-ones-dont-for-covid-19-141513?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=bylinetwitterbutton via @ConversationUS

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Fellowship Applications

The goal the division’s training programs is to prepare students and fellows as independent investigators in the field of infectious diseases. Our philosophy is that interactions between basic scientists and clinicians in research and during training are essential for the breakthroughs and discoveries needed in this field.

Center for Global Health (CGH)

CGH works to support the development of global health leaders and global health capacity with partner institutions, organizations, faculty and students

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