Fellowship Programs

The goal of all the Division’s training programs is to prepare graduate students, postdoctoral and medical fellows as independent investigators in the field of infectious diseases. Our philosophy is that interactions between basic scientists and clinicians in research and during training are essential for the breakthroughs and discoveries needed in this field. Thus, side-by-side training of predoctoral, MD and postdoctoral fellows is a central feature of our program.

Infectious Diseases Training Program (MD)

Directed by Dr. Patrick Jackson, the infectious diseases training program for MDs is designed to produce the next generation of master clinicians and physician-scientists. Ninety percent of our graduates are currently on the faculty of medical schools.

Infectious Diseases Training Program (PhD)

The division’s doctoral and postdoctoral programs offer comprehensive, interdisciplinary training and research opportunities in infectious diseases, biodefense and global health. Faculty from an array of departments in the School of Medicine participate in training our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows