Outpatient Training and Clinics

Outpatient Training and Clinics


ID faculty member Brian Wispelwey, MD, with trainee and patient.

Outpatient clinical training at UVA provides opportunities for trainees to observe and manage adult and adolescent patients with a wide variety of infectious diseases, in nine different ambulatory clinics staffed by faculty members from the Division of Infectious Diseases. These rotations result in a well-rounded experience, ensuring trainees’ competence for longitudinal care of patients with a broad range of clinical infectious diseases.

Fellows oversee the care of patients with acute and chronic infections in the General Infectious Diseases Clinic (Non-HIV), Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinic, and the Travelers Clinic, over seven months split between the second and third years of training. Trainees provide both short-term and longitudinal care for patients in these clinics, under the supervision of ID faculty members.

Beginning in their second year, trainees are assigned a half-day per week to attend their own HIV clinic, where they are responsible for the ongoing care of a panel of patients, under the supervision of ID faculty. The majority of fellows’ training in longitudinal patient care is provided through this experience.

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