Emergency Information

1. Emergency Phone List

The Emergency Phone List handled by the MIC office. Please contact Jon Stafford for further details (434) 243-9206 or

Procedures below (2-5) can serve as guidlelines for labs:

2. Post in your lab on Bulletin Board

3. Be Familiar with the following Requirements

4. Other

As a basic lab policy each lab person should know:

  1. Location of lab notebooks and disaster recovery plan for lab
  2. Location of the BSL and radioactive material usage procedures
  3. Who within each lab monitors required laboratory training of each employee and the respective documentation (EHS training, ACUC training, etc.)
  4. Signs on cold rooms, manuals for BSL rooms, etc. – (Update and keep current)
  5. Ensure no extension cords are in use
  6. No electric cords are frayed
  7. No cardboard of flammables are touching the ceiling – no objects too close to sprinklers