Student Clubs

Medical students at UVA organize a wide range of student organizations centered around specialty interest groups, community service, healthcare advancement, hobbies, and wellness. Participating students gain valuable leadership skills, learn useful knowledge, and develop camaraderie through coordinating events, social gatherings, educational lectures, journal clubs, research opportunities, workshops, and volunteering opportunities. An Excel sheet of existing clubs could be found here.

Club Leader Resources

The Mulholland Society provides a variety of resources and funding for our existing clubs as well as students interested in starting new organizations. These resources and how to access them are listed below.

Specialty Interest Groups

Specialty interest groups host faculty meetings, panels, speakers, and journal clubs. Faculty members address a variety of topics related to their specialty, including general overviews, subspecialties, lifestyle issues, residency matching, and cutting-edge research in the field. Participating in specialty interest groups is a great way to connect with faculty members for mentorship, shadowing, and research opportunities.

Advocacy and Service Groups

Advocacy and service groups host volunteering events and discussions to educate students on important healthcare topics. Participating in advocacy and service groups is a great way to connect with faculty mentors, give back to the Charlottesville community, and learn more about current issues in healthcare.

Healthcare Advancement Groups

Healthcare advancement groups host faculty speakers and hold workshops to explore concepts in healthcare implementation, healthcare innovation, and high value care.

Identity Groups

Identity groups host events and service projects to support a culture of diversity and inclusivity at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.


Hobby groups host events and performances to bring together students with similar interests. University of Virginia School of Medicine offers a wide variety of hobby groups with the goal of providing social opportunities of interest to all students.

Wellness and Humanities

Wellness and humanities groups host relaxing events that promote student wellness.