Radiology Interest Group

Two radiologists and three medical students standing around an interactive digital screen with an abdominal CT scan being displayed

Mission and Goals

The Radiology Interest Group exists to increase knowledge and awareness of Radiology as a medical specialty. Our goal is to help support medical students as they make decisions about where to apply for residency. We do this by offering advice and working hard to optimize the radiology residency application process.

For our current residents and medical students on elective rotations, we strive to provide support for all of our curriculum and content.

Finally, we believe strongly in the importance of diversity and inclusion within Radiology as a specialty, and we are committed to doing all that we can to make sure our department represents that ideal.

"The Hounsfield Unit" Podcast

The Hounsfield Unit is a podcast about radiology – for radiologists, fellows, residents, medical students, and anyone who wants to know what happens behind the scenes of medical imaging. We discuss life in that dark place, the reading room, and in the light of the angio suite. We will tell you how we got here, how to get into residency, what to consider when choosing a fellowship, and in general, what life as a radiologist is like. This a podcast about Radiology and all that happens in between you and the final image we all see.

You can listen to The Hounsfield Unit on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts. To follow The Hounsfield Unit on Twitter, click here.

Core Elements


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