Radiology and Medical Imaging Research

The Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging is a leader in Imaging Research, consistently ranked as one of the top-funded Departments within the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Research efforts revolve around magnetic resonance (MR) imaging sequence development, complex image processing, traumatic brain injury, hyperpolarized gas imaging, focused ultrasound development and clinical applications, metabolic imaging of cardiac and peripheral vascular disease. Finally, research also includes genetics of vascular restenosis and atherosclerosis, breast disease, function brain and stroke imaging and device and technology development.

Our basic science research encompasses a wide array of projects performed in conjunction with our Cardiovascular Medicine, Neurosciences, Biomedical Engineering and Engineering colleagues.

UVA Testing New Treatment for Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

Dr. Ziv Haskal and UVA researchers have opened a national clinical trial examining a non-surgical treatment for lower urinary tract symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate.

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UVA Radiology MRI Machine

MRI Research Services

UVA Medical Imaging Research offers a full range of the latest MRI and related services to the UVA research community as well as researchers outside the university system.

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UVA Radiology Research hyperpolarized gas imaging equipment

Graduate Studies

A wide variety of research projects leading to PhD or Masters degrees are available in the Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging.

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UVA Radiology Research Professor James Stone stands in a lab

Traumatic Brain Injury Research

Dr. James R. Stone’s work and the work of other UVA professors in radiology contribute to a national effort to better understand TBI.

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