UVA Medical Imaging Research

Dedicated to advancing the diagnosis and treatment of disease through an interdisciplinary approach to medical imaging research.

Our primary and adjunct faculty are engaged in research dedicated to the detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of disease through advancement of medical imaging technology, including the development of new instrumentation, imaging procedures and protocols, image acquisition sequences, and image analysis techniques. Imaging research is being applied in both the pre-clinical (animal models) and clinical (human) arenas, and in both the structural and functional domains. A number of laboratories pursue research that is translational in nature, in which devices or methodologies developed in the laboratory are then moved to early testing in humans.


Nearly two floors of the Snyder Translational Research building at the Fontaine Research Park are devoted to imaging research. This space includes a number of large dry labs, several wet labs, two whole body MRI scanners, a suite of small animal imaging systems (microPET, microSPECT-CT, and MRI), and a hyperpolarized gas lab. The Snyder building also contains ample office and carrel space for faculty, postdocs, and graduate students involved in the program, as well as two conference rooms and a kitchen. A third research MRI scanner is located adjacent to University Hospital. Research studies also occur at the Breast Care Center and the Focused Ultrasound Center at the University Hospital.