MRI Research Services


Providing a Full Range of MRI Services for Researchers

Here at UVA Medical Imaging Research, an unwavering commitment to advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care is at the heart of everything we do. To that end, we offer a full range of the latest MRI and related services to the UVA research community as well as researchers outside the university system.

Equipment and Facilities

Our program features a 3-Tesla (Siemens Prisma) scanner, two 1.5-Tesla (Siemens Avanto) scanners, a patient examination room, and an advanced computer lab for data post-processing. A dedicated group of accomplished scientists are on hand and eager to lend their extensive expertise to help other researchers further scientific knowledge in basic and clinical imaging research.

Facilities and Equipment

Ongoing Research

Current in-house research initiatives include: hyperpolarized helium imaging, cerebral, cardiac and renal perfusion imaging, diffusion imaging, high resolution 3D imaging, functional (fMRI), CSF flow quantification, body-fat composition and the efficacy of various contrast agents. Our program was the first in the world to acquire images of the human lungs with hyperpolarized Xenon.