PET/CT Research Services


The Department of Radiology Imaging services at the University of Virginia offers a PET/CT Siemens Biograph mCT, a dedicated research scanner located in the ground floor of the 480 Bldg Ray C. Hunt at the Fontaine Research park in Charlottesville Va. Our state-of-art scanner provides the opportunity for investigators to conduct their studies – both human and animal – throughout the day, without impacting the busy clinical environment.  In addition, we are located in close proximity to the UVA Radiochemistry Core, which produces investigational agents.


Equipment Description

Siemens Biograph mCT (PETCT). Features include: 0.3 s rotation time Biograph mCT•X (0.33 s Biograph mCT•S), Biograph mCT•S: 20-, 40-, 64-slice, Biograph mCT•X: 128-slice, 78 cm open bore, Multislice UFC ™ (Ultra Fast Ceramic) detector, 100 kW generator Biograph mCT•X (80 kW Biograph mCT•S), Adaptive dose shield, Multi-LSO-detector ring system, OptisoHD detection system, 16.4 cm axial field-of-view (FoV), 22.1 cm axial FoV with TrueV, 3D acquisition mode.