DXA Services


Subject on DEXA MachineOur program includes a DXA scanner used exclusively for research at UVA. This resource is made available through a collaborative partnership between Medical Imaging Core and the Department of Kinesiology. The most common use of a DXA scanner is to assess for the loss of bone mineralization. However, this system also harnesses the unique capabilities of DXA to evaluate body tissue composition. Use of the DXA system requires an IRB approved protocol and consent.


Equipment Details

Hologic Horizon DXA System. Features include: OnePass™ Acquisition Technique; Multi-Detector Array Scanning Method, High-resolution multi-element detector array with gadolinium
sulfoxylate GADOX scintillator technology, 64 to 216 detectors (model dependent), New High Frequency X-ray Generator, X-ray System Switched-pulse dual-energy (100 kVp/140 kVp), Indexing Scan Table with Positioning Accessories, Dynamic Internal Reference System for Continuous Calibration, QDR™ Anthropomorphic Spine Phantom.

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