Sun-Sang J. Sung, PhD Lab


Associate Professor of Research, Medicine


UVA Division of Nephrology
PO Box 800133
Telephone: 434-982-3557
Fax: 434-924-9578


Macrophages, dendritic cells, and other myeloid cells interactions with glomerular parenchymal cells.


Lupus nephritis is an autoimmune disease manifesting as compromised kidney function. Glomerular destruction is a major disease hallmark. Using an autoimmune mouse model of lupus nephritis, we found that extensive macrophage infiltration occurs in animals with severe proteinuria. Macrophage expression of PD-L1 induces proteinuria. Furthermore, macrophages produce TNF which initiates cytokine and chemokine production by podocytes and mesangial cells. This cytokine milieu is detrimental to the integrity of the glomerulus. Studies are performed to study the functional roles of podocytes and mesangial cells in the pathogenesis of lupus nephritis and to identify cytokine and surface receptors as therapeutic targets.


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