I have a TSH Pituitary tumor and have been operated on 3 times!

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Question from “frustrated”

I have become very frustrated and I am looking for some answers. I have a TSH Pituitary tumor and have been operated on 3 times! I am looking for some research on TSH Pituitary tumors and the success of Gamma Knife. In my research it states this is not the first line treatment if the tumor especially if the tumor is near the optic chiasm. What are the success rates in TSH pituitary tumors?


Our radiosurgical center has had one of the most extensive track records for treating pituitary adenomas with the Gamma Knife. Gamma Knife surgery is usually reserved for treating patients who have not been cured by surgical resection. However, sometimes it can be used as a primary treatment modality.

Depending upon the type of adenoma and the dose that can be delivered safely to the tumor, success rates for secretory adenomas range from 40 to 70% and nonsecretory adenoma success occurs in nearly 96% of cases. More specific outcomes can only be determined once the patient’s clinical information and most recent neuro-imaging studies are studied.

We have published a number of papers on the radiosurgical treatment of pituitary adenomas–some of which are listed under our Gamma Knife Publications section.

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