My boyfriends is 44 years old durign this week he presented dificulty to talk

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Question from VIVI

My boyfriends is 44 years old during this week he presented dificulty to talk and inmediatly he recived a diagnosis ( Magnetic resonans ): brain tumor glioma type 1 , he has a tummor in frontal area ( broca area ) and the doctor says that is not recomende the surgery , so , we are looking and serching for Gamma knofe solution btu we need more information about it , could you help us please thanks

Dear Vivi,


I can understand your concern and appreciate the seriousness of a tumor in Broca’s area. In some instances, resecting a tumor from an eloquent area of the brain can do more harm than good for the patient’s neurological function. If the tumor is a low grade glioma, your boyfriend may be a candidate for Gamma Knife surgery. We have had a great deal of success with treating patients with low grade gliomas. Recently, we published some of our results in NEUROSURGERY. A link to the PUBMED abstract is

The report demonstrated a favorable benefit to risk ratio for Gamma Knife surgery in low grade gliomas.

If you wish, your boyfriend’s case can be reviewed at our center. Please follow the insturctions on the “Make an appointment” link in the yellow box.

Jason Sheehan



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