New England Journal of Medicine Publishes Exciting Results of Focused Ultrasound

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For the second time, the New England Journal of Medicine has published results of UVA neurosurgeon Dr. Jeff Elias‘s trial using focused ultrasound to treat Essential Tremor.  Click here to read the publication.  The pioneering translational research described in the publication led directly to recent FDA approval of the therapeutic use of focused ultrasound for Essential Tremor.  Dr. Elias is starting to perform first clinically approved focused ultrasound procedures for Essential Tremor and he and other researchers at UVA are pursuing further translational research for the use of the technology to treat Parkinson’s, epilepsy, pain, and other neurological disorders non-invasively.  Focused ultrasound procedures are performed in UVA’s $8M Focused Ultrasound Center, the first such facility in the world.



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