Secondary Appointment

Dutta, Anindya, M.D., Ph.D.

Genomic Instability in Cancer Cells; Noncoding RNAs in differentiation and cancer

Hayden, Frederick G., M.D.

Diagnostic and clinical virology, infectious diseases and antiviral chemotherapy.

Hunt, Donald, Ph.D.

Analytical Biochemistry focusing on Mass spectrometry applied to immunology and Mass spectrometry applied characterization of protein post-translational modifications and antibody sequences.

Landen, Charles, M.D.

Research is focused on mechanisms of chemotherapy resistance in ovarian and other gynecologic malignancies

Landers, James P., Ph.D.

Bioanalytical Chemistry on Microchips

Mathers, Amy, M.D.

Molecular epidemiology of multidrug resistant gram negative bacilli, laboratory detection of gram negative antibiotic resistance, prevention of acquisition of resistant bacterial pathogens and treatment of multi-drug resistant gram negative bacteria.

Petri, Jr., William A., M.D., Ph.D.

Molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis of parasitic infection