Frederick G. Hayden, M.D.

Frederick G. Hayden, M.D.
Professor of Medicine and Pathology


Diagnostic and clinical virology, infectious diseases and antiviral chemotherapy.


Our research activities have focused on the application of antiviral agents for the prevention and treatment of respiratory viral infections. The scope of studies ranges from in vitro assays of viral susceptibility and antiviral mechanisms of action to clinical trials involving experimentally induced and naturally occurring infections. For example, prior work established the effectiveness of intranasal interferons in preventing transmission of rhinovirus colds, the safety and pharmacology of rimantadine HCI, the transmission of drug- resistant influenza A viruses in families, the anti-rhinovirus mechanism of action of soluble ICAM-1, and the antiviral activity and clinical use of influenza neuraminidase inhibitors. Areas of current investigation include application of nucleic acid hybridization to study the pathogenesis of rhinovirus infections and picornavirus epidemiology, determining the phenotypic and genotypic basis of antiviral drug resistance in rhino and influenza viruses, and clinical testing of the several candidate antiviral agents for influenza and rhinovirus infections.


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