M. Beatriz S. Lopes, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Pathology
Director of Neuropathology and Neuropathology Fellowship Program
Director of Autopsy


Medical School: University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine, December 1982, MD, January 1993, PhD)
Residency: Anatomic Pathology, University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine, January 1983 – January 1986
Fellowship: Neuropathology, University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine, February 1986 – December 1988; Fellowship in Neuropathology, University of Virginia  Health Sciences Center, January 1989 – December 1992


Neuropathology, Pituitary Pathology, Autopsy Pathology.


My research interests focus on two major areas: 1- Hypothalamic, pituitary and peripheral interactions in the pathogenesis of pituitary adenomas; 2 – Molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis and invasion of brain tumors. Experimental techniques in our laboratory include cell culture, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, and in situ hybridization.


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A more complete list of Dr. Lopes’ publications can be obtained from PubMed.