Henry F. Frierson, Jr., M.D.

Henry F. Frierson, Jr., M.D.
Professor of Pathology
Director of Cytopathology


College: Davidson College, 1977, B.S.
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina , 1981, M.D.
Residency: University of Virginia (AP/CP), 1981-1985


I provide service in Cytopathology and Surgical Pathology.In addition,I have performed international volunteer services in pathology in the following countries: St. Lucia, Peru, Belize, and Nicaragua.


I have a special interest in mouse models of prostate cancer, and have characterized the phenotypes of about a dozen genotypes that include genetic alterations of PTEN,MYC,TGFBR2,SMAD2,APC,and AKT, among others.


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  • Overdevest JB, Knubel KH, Duex JB, Thomas S, Nitz MD, Harding MA, Smith SC, Frierson, HF, Conaway M, Theodorescu D: CD24 expression is important in male urothelial tumorigenesis and metastasis in mice and is androgen regulated. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109:E3588-E3596, 2012.
  • Persson M, Andren Y, Moskaluk CA, Frierson HF Jr, Cooke SL, Futreal PA, Kling T, Nelander S, Nordkvist A, Persson F, Stenman G: Clinically significant copy number alterations and complex rearrangements of MYB and NFIB in head and neck adenoid cystic carcinoma. Genes Chromosomes Cancer 51: 805-817, 2012.
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A complete list of Dr. Frierson’s peer-reviewed publications can be obtained from PubMed.