PODCAST: Learn about Near-Death Experiences from Dr. Bruce Greyson on Ologies and more



Ologies podcast

Ologies – Quasithanatology with Bruce Greyson

Tunnels of light. Unconditional love. Visions of dead aunts. And a lot of questions. What happens when you die…  or almost die? GOOD QUESTION. Dr. Bruce Greyson chats about about brain activity during death, accounts from patients, out of body experiments, time dilation, the Swiss Alps, deathbed visions, accidental morgue visits, neurotransmitters, party drugs, religion vs. spirituality, and what matters most in life. As a world-renowned and respected psychiatrist and neurobiologist, he’s sought out answers for four decades and shares what we know – and don’t know – about the border of alive and unalive. Get out your phone and some scissors because it’s a real crush-texter & bang-cutter of an episode.


The Unexplained podcast

The Unexplained: Edition 779 – Dr. Bruce Greyson

World-famous NDE researcher Dr Bruce Greyson on his lifetime’s work – including some genuinely astonishing and remarkable happenings that defy rational, scientific explanation.





The Joyful Friar podcast

The Joyful Friar – Bruce Greyson, MD
Fr. Nathan discusses Dr. Bruce Greyson’s research work on near-death experiences. The Joyful Friar Podcast explores the soulful, the meaningful, and the mystical in three different ways. First, Afterlife, Interrupted stories, in which someone who died suddenly and traumatically seeks my help and the help of my prayer partners. Second, Compassionate Responses, to readers’ and listeners’ questions and concerns that arise from those stories. And third, Spiritual Practices, influenced by the Catholic Christian tradition I’ve been shaped by that reveal how goodness is at work throughout the universe and within each of us. Each episode reveals insights about living in the present with faith and joyful hope.



Nighttime Talk podcast

Nighttime Talk – Dr. Bruce Greyson
Near death expert Dr. Bruce Greyson chats to Niall Boylan. Nighttime Talk with Niall Boylan is a radio talk show that cares about what you think! Niall can be described as fearless, controversial, insightful, compassionate and even funny! But be warned, he may cause your blood to boil. It’s a show without boundaries and Niall is never afraid to deal with topics that other shows simply refuse to talk about.