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Recent Academic Publications from DOPS Faculty


Greyson, B. (2023). The darker side of near-death experiences. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 37(4), 683-698.  Link to Full Text

Greyson, B., and van Lommel, P. (2024). AWAreness during REsuscitation and EEG activity. Resuscitation, 194, 109924.  Link to Full Text

Pehlivanova, M., Carroll, A., & Greyson, B. (2023). Which near-death experience features are associated with reduced fear of death?. Mortality28(3), 493-509. Link to Full Text



Penberthy, J. K., Pehlivanova, M., Kalelioglu, T., Roe, C. A., Cooper, C. E., Lorimer, D., & Elsaesser, E. (2023). Factors moderating the impact of after death communications on beliefs and spirituality. OMEGA-Journal of Death and Dying87(3), 884-901. Link to Full Text

Penberthy, J. K., St Germain-Sehr, N. R., Grams, G., Burns, M., Lorimer, D., Cooper, C. E., … & Elsaesser, E. (2023). Description and Impact of Encounters With Deceased Partners or Spouses. OMEGA-Journal of Death and Dying, 00302228231207900. Link to Full Text



Roehrs, P., Fenwick, P., Greyson, B., Gunnoe, S., Kellehear, A., Kothe, K., Nahm, M., Roe, C., Tassell-Matamua, N., Woollacott, M. (2024). Terminal lucidity in a pediatric oncology clinic. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 212(1), 57-60.   Link to Full Text

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