Petri Lab

The Petri Lab—a part of the Division of Infectious Diseases & International Health— studies enteric infections and their consequences in children of the developing world. The scope of research includes molecular parasitology, host defense and Clostridium difficile in the lab at UVA. In Bangladesh, India and Pakistan we study infant vaccines and undernutrition.

Current work includes measuring the consequences of infection on nutrition and child development and continuing our study of host determinants of susceptibility to enteric infection. Most recently, we have identified that the parasite kills human cells via a unique cell biologic process that we have termed “amebic trogocytosis,” and discovered that potassium channels are key participants in death of the host cells.


‘Bad Guy’ Cells Unexpectedly Prove Vital for Stopping Deadly C. difficile

They cause allergies and asthma, but they may also save your life.

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Inside the Lab: COVID-19

Researchers Dr. William Petri, Allie Donlan and Mayuresh Abhyankar explain what they have learned about COVID-19 treatment and vaccine possibilities.

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Dr. Bill Petri Co-Authored a Top Paper Featured in Indoor Air

Researchers seek to understand the impact of neighborhood biomass cooking patterns on episodic high indoor particulate matter concentrates in clean fuel homes in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Virginia’s Outstanding Scientists 2017

Dr. Bill Petri claims a place among Virginia’s Outstanding Scientists in 2017.

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