Alex Keller Wins UVA Bioscience Scientific Image Competition

April 30, 2016 by

As a part of the renovation to the Biomedical Education Classroom, GBS decided to showcase the scientific creativity of students in our graduate programs by hosting a Student Art and Image Competition. Creative entries varied from original productions to creative presentation of all forms of data, microscopy to Western blots. The competition was open to all students and entries were judged anonymously by other students and faculty at the GBS Symposium on March 21. Pharmacology Graduate Student Alex Keller (Brant Isakson‘s lab) was one of four winners with his submission of a picture of a mouse red blood cell, taken with the scanning electron microscope in the Advanced Microscopy Core Facility (co-credit for the image goes to Robyn Sherman and Brant Isakson). The original photographs are on display in the BEC room — be sure to stop by and check it out next time you’re in McKim.