Graduate Biosciences Society

The Graduate Biosciences Society (GBS) exists to act as the organizing body and faculty liaison for graduate students in the departments and interdisciplinary programs affiliated with the UVA School of Medicine.

Through the Society, students are able to contact GBS council members, stay up to date with GBS events, and get involved in the community.


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About GBS

What role does GBS serve in the greater UVA Biomedical Sciences community? Meet your GBS executives and see what GBS has to offer by clicking the following link.

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GBS Constitution and Bylaws

How is GBS governed? Find out by using the following link to our GBS constitution and bylaws. Each iteration of these documents is constructed and ratified during the April and May open GBS meetings.

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Get Involved

Hear about parties, find reagents, and stay up to date on all GBS events using our GBS e-mail list.

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