History and Purpose

The Graduate Biosciences Society (GBS) was founded in 1989 to act as the organizing body and faculty liaison for graduate students in those departments and interdisciplinary programs affiliated with the UVA School of Medicine. Today, we have over 380 members!

Meet the GBS Council

Executive Committee

President - Tori Osinski (vo3sc@virginia.edu)

President – Tori Osinski (vo3sc@virginia.edu)

Vice President – Jeremy Shaw (jjs3ge@virginia.edu)

Secretary – Ellen Mintz (em4ca@virginia.edu)

Treasurer – Cassie Robertson (ccr5ju@virginia.edu)











Committee Chairs

Academic Co-Chair – Phil Seegren (ps3wc@virginia.edu)

Academic Co-Chair – Clint Upchurch (cmu4yz@virginia.edu)

Professional Co-Chair – Alex Keller (ask3mf@virginia.edu)

Professional Co-Chair – Rachel Ende (rje5tp@virginia.edu)

Social Co-Chair – Jamie Null (jln5me@virginia.edu)

Social Co-Chair – Allie Palmer (ap7ta@virginia.edu)





















Department Representatives

Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Rep – Katie Owsiany (ko8xh@virginia.edu)

Biology Rep and GSASC Rep – Anna Way (aw5tz@virginia.edu)

Biomedical Engineering Rep – TK Phung (tnp3ep@virginia.edu)












Biophysics/Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics Rep – Laura Odongo (lo5w@virginia.edu)

Cell Biology Rep – Faith Karanja (fwk3bu@virginia.edu)

Experimental Pathology Rep – Riley Hannan (rth4dz@virginia.edu)

Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology RepTiffany Wang (ttw2ws@virginia.edu)


Neuroscience Rep – Catherine Lammert (crl4hd@virginia.edu)











Pharmacology Rep – Brittany Martinez (bam2cg@virginia.edu)