Kudos to Anders Nelson: Winner of the 2019 GBS Student Image Competition!

June 14, 2019 by zrb8mf@virginia.edu

The GBS Symposium was held on this year on March 15, 2019. Each year, GBS prides itself on showcasing the research of graduate students in BIMS, Biology, and Chemistry in a lunchtime poster session. Faculty judges adjudicate the posters and awards are given to the top three presentations. The Pharmacology Department is pleased to announce that one of our Pharmacology trainees, Anders Nelson (in Jeff Saucerman’s Lab) is one of the winners in this year’s GBS Student Image Competition for the poster:

“Cardiac firoblasts stained for F-actin, collagen, alpha smooth muscle actin and collagen,” – credited to him and Steven Christiansen.

Way to go, Anders! Please give him huge congrats for his hard work when you see him around!