Congratulations to Antoinette Reid on the Completion of Her MBA!!!

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Please join us in congratulating Antoinette Reid, who successfully complete her Master of Business Administration (MBA) this spring 2023 from Liberty University in Lynchburg VA. Commencement exercises took place last week on May 11-12, where she took her victory walk across the stage as she was presented with her degree at the William Stadium. Her family, friends, and co-workers were there (in-person and livestream) to support and cheer her on as she received this well-deserved honor for such an outstanding accomplishment. Antoinette has been known to be a dedicated, hardworking employee of the University of Virginia for 24 years, 5.5 of those years, she has provided remarkable service to the administration of the Pharmacology Department. When asked what she will do with her MBA, she stated,

“Who I am will always be the guiding principles in terms of what I will do with my MBA degree. I have always been committed to helping others thrive, regardless of the cost to myself. I possess a valuable strength in being able to collaborate well with others in the face of divergent viewpoints. With this talent, along with my current leadership role in Pharmacology, I wish to continue to work diligently to contribute to an equitable, inclusive, and respectful research, teaching, and work environment in my department and the University of Virginia as whole. I expect that career growth at UVA will be continuous and gradual, and in perfect timing. Having my MBA will keep me positioned and prepared to grow professionally. I plan to use the comprehensive set of critical thinking skills and knowledge gained from my MBA to make whatever work initiatives I get involved in better. I feel like I have a plethora of skills in my tool bag to respond to the many challenges and changes that are constantly happening in my department and at this institution. Therefore, to sum up what my missions is going forward, it is this, “Where ever I can make a positive difference, I will.”




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