Dr. Irina Bochkis Contributes to Research on Increasing Healthspan

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Irina Bochkis, UVA PharmacologyPharmacology’s Dr. Irina Bochkis’ research observes that the nuclear membranes that house our cells’ DNA get crinkly over time, which may be a reason for declines in functioning. Aging goes hand in hand with increased inflammation and metabolic syndrome. In the liver, this can lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Bochkis’ research directly connects the integrity of the DNA’s envelope to that condition. She believes other aspects of aging may directly relate as well.

“In the aging field, there are two camps: improving healthspan and increasing lifespan,” Bochkis said. “Some genes might contribute to both, but not necessarily. We should focus on improving healthspan and quality of life for the current lifespan before we start talking about increasing it.”

Read more about the work being done at UVA on aging here.



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