Synphane Gibbs-Shelton: Co-founder and Co-President of Society of Black Biomedical Scientists and Engineers

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The Pharmacology Department would like to send kudos to Synphane Gibbs-Shelton, Pharmacology Graduate Student in Ukpong Eyo’s Lab, for making headlines as one of two PhD students at the University of Virginia School of Medicine that recently established a pioneering organization called the Society for Black Biomedical Scientists and Engineers.  The Society for Black Biomedical Scientists and Engineers is driven by a resolute mission: to cultivate and advance a profound sense of belonging among students of the Black Diaspora within the esteemed Biomedical Science Graduate Program (BIMS) and Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program at the University of Virginia.  For more information about the society and details on how to get involved, please read the full School of Medicine Minds in Motion News story here.



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