Pharmacology Graduate Adishesh Narahari Publishes Paper on Surgeon Funding Issues

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Surgeons who also conduct important biomedical research are struggling to obtain research funding, and that “broken pipeline” could spell extinction for surgeon-scientists and slow innovations for patients if something isn’t done, a team of UVA Health experts warns.

“Surgeons are struggling to find funding, and many of them are not able to obtain funding despite trying for 10 years. Surgeon-scientists have made many advances in biomedical research in fields such as transplantation, oncology, and diabetes,” says UVA Health surgery intern Adishesh K. Narahari, MD, PhD, the first author of the new scientific paper. “In short, surgeons need to apply for funding early and become proficient at navigating the biomedical research world. Otherwise, we may see a decrease in innovation and lack of new solutions to not only surgical problems but many areas of biomedical research.”

The researchers have published their findings in the scientific journal Annals of Surgery. The team consisted of Narahari, Anirudha S. Chandrabhatla, Emily Fronk, Simon White, Shreya Mandava, Hannah Jacobs-El, J. Hunter Mehaffey, Curtis G. Tribble, Mark Roeser, John Kern, Irving L. Kron, and Schirmer.



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