Construction Completed for Dr. Edward Nieh’s Lab

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Assistant Professor Dr. Edward Horng-An Nieh has officially moved into his lab in Pinn Hall! With the arrival of two anti vibration tables, he is able to set up his lab equipment:

“These tables will be the new home for at least four new microscopy setups in the newly renovated Nieh lab. One system will include cutting edge technology that allows simultaneous stimulation of up to 100 neurons with cellular-resolution during 2-photon imaging, which will allow them to disrupt specific patterns of neurons to attenuate maladapted behaviors in animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders, like drug addiction and PTSD. Another system is a custom, homegrown, 2-photon microscope, built from scratch, that will serve as a teaching tool to help students to learn about the different parts of a 2-photon microscope. It is also a fully functioning microscope that will assist the Nieh lab in their research to discover the underlying neural mechanisms in neuropsychiatric disorders.”

Construction crews removed an exterior window and lifted the tables into the fifth floor using a crane. Everything went smoothly thanks to the wonderfully professional crew who handled the delivery.

Welcome to the Pharm Department Dr. Nieh, we are excited to see what you discover here!



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