Congratulations to Katie Pavelec on F31 Grant!

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A big congratulations to Caitlin Pavelec on receiving funding from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute for her grant proposal on: “A role for cardiomyocyte pannexin 1 in non-ischemic heart failure”!

Her research focuses on the role for the membrane channel Pannexin 1 in cardiomyocytes during non-ischemic heart failure. Her work has found that cardiomyocyte pannexin 1 plays an important role in regulating cardiac hypertrophy during disease. Additionally, pannexin 1 deletion in cardiomyocytes reduces the number of immune cells, specifically neutrophils, recruited to the heart during non-ischemic heart failure. She seeks to use this research to identify pannexin 1 in cardiomyocytes as a therapeutic target for heart failure treatment.

Way to go Katie!!!



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