Chen, Wei-Min, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Biostatistics
Ph.D. 2004, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, Biostatistics
P.O. Box 800717, Charlottesville, VA 22908-0717
Tel: 1-434-924-8298
Fax: 1-434-243-5787
Health System West Complex Room

Statistical genetics including linkage and association gene mapping, generalized estimating equations (GEE), longitudinal data analysis

Research Interests:
My research focuses on the design and statistical analysis of human gene mapping data. Recently, my research has focused on the development of methods for analyzing genome-wide SNP data in datasets that include thousands of individuals.

Other Appointments:
Assistant Professor of Public Health Genomics

Recent Publications:

1. Chen WM, Abecasis GR (2007) Family based association tests for genome wide association scans. American Journal of Human Genetics 81:913-926

2. Scuteri A, Sanna S, Chen WM, Uda M, Albai G, et al. (2007) Genome wide association scan shows genetic variants in the FTO gene are associated with obesity-related traits. PLoS Genetics 3(7):1200-1210

3. Burdick JT, Chen WM, Abecasis GR, Cheung VG (2006) In silico method for inferring genotypes in pedigrees. Nature Genetics 38:1002-1004

4. Pilia G*, Chen WM*, Scuteri A, Orru M, Albai G, Dei M, Lai S, Usala L, Lai M, Loi P, Mameli C, Vacca L, Deiana M, Masala M, Cao A, Najjar SS, Terracciano A, Nedorezov, T, Sharov A, Zonderman AB, Abecasis GR, Costa P, Lakatta E, Schlessinger D (2006) Heritability of cardiovascular and personality traits in 6,148 Sardinians. PLoS Genetics 2:1207-1223 (* These authors contributed equally)

5. Chen WM, Abecasis GR (2006) Estimating the power of variance component linkage analysis in large pedigrees. Genetic Epidemiology 30:471-484

6. Chen WM, Broman KW, Liang KY (2005) Power and robustness of linkage tests for quantitative traits in general pedigrees. Genetic Epidemiology 28:11-23

7. Chen WM, Broman KW, Liang KY (2004) Quantitative trait linkage analysis by generalized estimating equations: unification of variance components and Haseman-Elston regression. Genetic Epidemiology 26:265-272

8. Chen WM, Deng HW (2001) A general and accurate approach for computing the statistical power of the transmission disequilibrium test for complex disease genes. Genetic Epidemiology 21:53-67


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