Research Administrative Divisions

Research divisions provide the administrative home for faculty who lead research and engage in research collaboration and support across the School of Medicine and University.


Research and consulting on the use of statistical techniques and methodologies as they apply to the study of basic science and human health. Division Director and Associate Chair for Research: Sarah Ratcliffe PhD

Biomedical Informatics

Research, teaching, and consulting on the application of computing and communications technology to biomedical research, consumer health and wellness, healthcare operations, and clinical care. Director: Jason Lyman, MD, MS

Translational Research & Applied Statistics

Provides the analytical infrastructure for basic, clinical, and translational research at the University of Virginia. Division members have expertise in all phases of clinical trials including adaptive designs and methodology for early phase trials. Director: Gina R. Petroni, PhD

Prevention, Equity, and Population Health Research

Besides areas of cancer research, this new division covers social inequities in healthcare with a focus on how we can bring services to underserved groups. Director: Roger Anderson, PhD 

Public Health Sciences Education

Administers the varied educational areas of Public Health Sciences, including undergraduate, graduate and Graduate Medical Education programs. Director: Ruth Gaare Bernheim, JD, MPH