Division of Biomedical Informatics

Acting Director: Jason A. Lyman, M.D., M.S.

Informatics Faculty Research Projects Clinical Data Repository • Informatics Training

The Division of Biomedical Informatics in the Department of Public Health Sciences conducts original research and teaching to advance the field of health informatics, and provides key collaborations, consultations and services in informatics to support the academic, research and healthcare missions of the School of Medicine and the University of Virginia Health System.

The faculty and technical staff of the Division are currently pursuing work in several key areas within the overall mission of the Division:

  • Original research in health informatics, with a particular focus on clinical systems, healthcare process improvement, population studies and community/consumer education.
  • Development and management of the Clinical Data Repository a large-scale integrated database of clinical and population data optimized for research.
  • Teaching health informatics principles, tools and techniques appropriately targeted to trainees at multiple levels so that they will become leaders in and contributors to the optimal application of health informatics techniques in healthcare and research.

The Division also supports key collaborations that strengthen the research, educational and clinical capabilities of the School of Medicine and Health System:

  • Collaborative support of clinical and biomedical science investigators who need to incorporate current medical informatics tools and techniques into their research.
  • Collaboration with investigators from engineering, business and other disciplines to allow best practices in those areas to be critically evaluated for health-related applications.
  • Consultation, planning for and evaluation of production and research information systems to ensure quality, appropriate standards compliance and optimal implementation.
  • Collaboration in curriculum development and teaching in clinical and other training programs that need to incorporate health informatics principles as instructional components.