Division of Biomedical Informatics

Director: Jason A. Lyman, M.D., M.S.

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Faculty in the Division of Biomedical Informatics apply informatics principles, tools, and knowledge in support of all core missions of the UVA School of Medicine through formal and informal teaching and advising, original, independent and collaborative research, and service in the use of informatics for population health, clinical care, and healthcare operations.  We are the academic home to an ACGME-accredited clinical informatics fellowship.

  • Population Health: Designing and deploying informatics-based interventions to support cancer prevention, disease management, and patient engagement
  • Consumer Informatics: conducting needs assessments for, developing, implementing and evaluating novel patient-centered, for family health history collection, risk assessment and clinical decision support
  • Human Factors and Culturally Informed Design: developing tools to improve health & quality of life among populations including those who live with chronic conditions, are underserved or are marginalized through the application of approaches based in systems engineering, cultural anthropology, health informatics and Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR)
  • Mathematical Modeling and Medical Decision Making: Designing optimal control guidelines for disease surveillance and chronic disease management using simulation, Markov decision processes and optimization methods
  • Clinical Decision Support: Supporting medical center operations and clinical care by optimizing our electronic health record with the design and development of interventions to improve quality, safety, and clinical efficiency
  • Biomedical Data Analytics: Optimizing biomedical investigation with the use of reusable cloud-based frameworks that facilitate the construction of shareable computational methods based on FAIR data principles
  • Informatics Training and Education: Formal courses in Public Health Sciences, advising students and trainees in within and beyond Public Health Sciences, and academic oversight of an ACGME-accredited clinical informatics fellowship