Lobo, Jennifer Mason, Ph.D.

Jenn Mason Lobo.JPGMy research interests involve using mathematical modeling and stochastic optimization methods (primarily Markov modeling, Markov decision processes, and Monte Carlo simulation) to build models that simulate the natural course of disease. These models allow for estimation of outcomes under different screening and treatment policies in the absence of randomized controlled trials, and can be used to optimize screening and treatment decisions for patients with chronic diseases.  My current projects include optimizing treatment and policy decisions for patients with type 2 diabetes, validating infrastructure decisions and scheduling for rural tele-cystoscopy clinics, and developing optimal treatment guidelines for small renal masses.

Assistant Professor
Division of Biomedical Informatics
Department of Public Health Sciences
Ph.D., North Carolina State University, Industrial Engineering, 2012

P.O. Box 800717
Tel: 1-434-924-2813
Fax: 1-434-243-3418
Email: jem4yb@virginia.edu
Health System West Complex, Room 3003

Teaching Responsibilities:

PHS 7370 Simulation and Modeling for Quality and Research


Decision analysis, Markov decision processes, approximate dynamic programming methods, Markov models, Monte Carlo simulation models, discrete event simulation

Research Interests:

I am interested in using Operations Research methods to improve medical decision making and health care operations.  My current research involves designing optimal treatment and screening guidelines for patients with chronic diseases and studying the effects of poor medication adherence on patient outcomes.

Recent Publications:

Beller, H., Lobo, J.M., Horton, B., Sims, T., Corey, T., Gardner, T., Schenkman, N.S., Krupski, T.L., Jones, R., “Adapting Nurse-led Cystoscopy experience to the United States: Tele-cystoscopy a possible compromise?,” International Journal of Urological Nursing, 13: 81-86, 2019.

Zhang, Y., Wu, H., Denton, B.T., Wilson, J.R., Lobo, J.M., “Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis on Markov Models with Uncertain Transition Probabilities: An Application in Evaluating Treatment Decisions for Type 2 Diabetes,” Health Care Management Science, 22(1): 34-52, 2019.

Logan, J., Kang, H., Lobo, J.M., Sohn, M-W., Lin, G-M., Lima, J., Punjabi, N., Redline, S., Kwon, Y., “Actigraphy based sleep characteristics and aortic stiffness: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA),” Journal of the American Society of Hypertension, 12(12): 841-849, 2018.

Zhang, J., Kowsari, K., Harrison, J.H., Lobo, J.M., Barnes, L.E., “Patient2Vec: A Personalized Interpretable Deep Representation of the Longitudinal Electronic Health Record,” IEEE Access, 6: 65333-65346, 2018.

Erdogan, S.A., Krupski, T.L., Lobo, J.M. “Optimization of Telemedicine Appointments in Rural Areas,” Service Science, Special Issue on Advancing Health Services, 10(3): 261-276, 2018.

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Grabowski, M.., Lobo, J.M., Gunnell, B., Enfield, K., Carpenter, R., Barnes, L., Mathers, A. “Characterizations of handwashing sink activities in a single hospital medical intensive care unit,” Journal of Hospital Infection, 100(3): e115-e122, 2018.

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Grabowski, M.E., Kang, H., Wells, K.M., Sifri, C.D., Mathers, A.J., Lobo, J.M., “Provider role in transmission of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae,” Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, 38(11): 1329-1334, 2017.

Abe, J., Lobo, J.M., Trifiletti, D.M., Showalter, T.N., “Providing guidance for genomics-based cancer treatment decisions: insights from stakeholder engagement for post-prostatectomy radiation therapy,” BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 17:128, 2017.

Lobo, J.M., Denton, B.T., Wilson, J.R., Shah, N.D., Smith, S.A., “Using Claims Data Linked with Electronic Health Records to Monitor and Improve Adherence to Medication,” IISE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering, 7(4): 194-214, 2017.

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