Petroni, Gina R., Ph.D.

Gina R. Petroni, Ph.D., has been involved in the design, analysis and monitoring of clinical trials for more than 30 years.  Most of her experience has been in cancer clinical trials with work on the national level based with the CALGB cooperative group, now part of The Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology and institutional cancer center support grants at Duke University and UVA.  As a faculty member at UVA since 1996 and currently as director of the Division of Translational Research and Applied Statistics she continues to design, analyze and monitor results for clinical and translational studies.

Dr. Petroni was the founding Director of the UVA Cancer Center’s Biostatistics Shared Resource and directed the resource from 1996 through the awarding of comprehensive status in 2022.  She has served on the UVA Health System’s institutional review board (IRB) and the NCI Central IRB, has been a reviewer for NCI (Subcommittees A & D, CONC, PO1s, Special Emphasis Panels) & NIH either as a committee member or ad hoc, continuously for the last twenty years. Dr. Petroni serves as the statistical member on several DSMBs for multicenter trials, two that are coordinated out of university based networks and another that is coordinated out of NHLBI.  She is a current member of the NCI Investigational Drug Steering Committee (IDSC).

Professor and Director, Division of Translational Research & Applied Statistics

Ph.D., Biostatistics, University of Michigan

P.O. Box 800717
Tel: 1-434-924-8363
Fax: 1-434-243-5999
Old Med School, Room 3885


Design, analysis and monitoring of  clinical trials, observational and translational research.

Research Interests:

Dr. Petroni’s areas of research interest include: early, middle and late phase clinical trial design and implementation.

Recent Publications:

Recent Book Chapters: Conaway MR and Petroni GR, (March 2021) “Dose-Finding and Dose-Ranging Studies” Principles and Practice of Clinical Trials, Editors: Piantadosi S, Meinert CL. Springer Reference.

Links:  A complete list of published works is available at Google Scholar

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