Eby, Jean, Sc.D.

Jean Eby is an assistant professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences and the director of its Masters in Clinical Research program. Her two main areas of interest are in population health (specifically the role of physical activity) and in research methodology, regulations, and ethics. An epidemiologist by training, she has taught epidemiology at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. She currently teaches the core graduate level introductory epidemiology course in the department, serves as the epidemiology thread leader in the medical school curriculum, and leads a seminar on methodology, regulations, and ethics for research involving human subjects. In addition, Dr. Eby is the Director of Human Subjects Research Education in the Office of the Vice-President for Research. In this role, she oversees professional education for researchers and research teams involved in human subjects research.

Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences
Director, Masters in Clinical Research, Department of Public Health Sciences
Director, Human Subjects Research Education, Office of the Vice-President for Research
Doctor of Science (Epidemiology), Harvard School of Public Health, 2007; MS (Epidemiology), Stanford University, 2003; AB (Economics), Princeton University, 1999

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Email: jmg5b@virginia.edu
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