Manichaikul, Ani W., Ph.D.

Division of Biostatistics
Ph.D., 2008, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Biostatistics

P.O. Box 800759
Tel: 1-434-982-6269
Fax: 1-434-982-1814
Health System West Complex – Multistory Building, Room 6111

statistical genetics, genetic epidemiology, studies of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, experimental genetics, model selection

Research Interests:
My research lies in the areas of mathematical and statistical modeling of biological systems, with an emphasis on 2) analysis of human disease using genotype, sequence, and other high-throughput genomic data, 2) quantitative trait mapping in experimental crosses, and 3) pathway analysis and gene network modelling. I am also using integrative genomic and bioinformatic approaches toward the ultimate goal of mapping functional variants for complex genetic traits.

Recent Publications
Manichaikul A, Mychaleckyj JC, Rich SS, Daly K, Sale M, Chen WM (2010) Robust relationship inference in genome wide association studies. Bioinformatics 26: 2867-73.

Shavit JA, Manichaikul A, Lemmerhirt HL, Broman KW, Ginsburg D (2009) Modifiers of von Willebrand factor identified by natural variation in inbred strains of mice. Blood 114: 5368-74.

Chen WM, Manichaikul A, Rich SS (2009) A generalized family-based association test for dichotomous traits. Am J Hum Genet 85: 364-76.Chen WM, Manichaikul A, Rich SS (2009) A generalized family-based association test for dichotomous traits. Am J Hum Genet 85: 364-76.

Manichaikul A, Ghamsari L, Hom EFY, Lin C, Murray R, Chang RL, Balaji S, Hao T, Shen Y, Chavali A, Thiele I, Yang X, Fan C, Mello E, Hill DE, Vidal M, Salehi-Ashtiani K, Papin JA (2009) Metabolic network analysis integrated with transcript verification for sequenced genomes. Nat Methods 6: 589-92.

Fushan AA, Simons CT, Slack JP, Manichaikul A, Drayna D (2009) Allelic polymor- phism within the TAS1R3 promoter is associated with human taste sensitivity to sucrose. Curr Biol 19: 1288-93.

Manichaikul A, Broman KW (2009) Binary trait mapping in experimental crosses with selective genotyping. Genetics 182: 863-74.

Manichaikul A, Moon JY, Yandell BS, Broman KW (2009) A model selection approach for the identification of quantitative trait loci in experimental crosses, allowing epistasis. Genetics 181: 1077-86.