Yu, Wei, M.S., Ph.D.

M.A., Spatial Analysis;   M.S., Computer Science;   Ph.D. Study (ABD), Computer Science, Case Western Reserve University
Tel: 1-434-243-5794
Fax: 1-434-243-5787
Email: wei.yu@virginia.edu
West Complex Room 3871


Database system design, development, query, maintenance, administration, integration, data exchange, and the supporting infrastructures of hardware, servers, networking, backup/restore, and Web access for clinical trials and observational studies.

Large nation-wide clinical registry databases, such as Medicare databases, Veterans Affairs databases, and United States Renal Data System, and U.S. Census data system for statistical analyses.

High-performance enterprise Linux SAS servers and more-efficient SAS programming algorithms for complex statistical computations of very large databases.

Research Interests:

Database systems; Query languages, processing, and optimization; Design of XML query algebras for semi-structured data systems and their integration.

Spatial statistical analysis, and Geographical Information Systems.