Keene, Keith L., Ph.D.

Keith L. Keene (Photo by Abby Sacks)

Keith L. Keene, PhD  has nearly 20 years of experience in Precision Health and Genomics research, with a longstanding commitment to research focused on health disparities and health equity.  Dr. Keene’s research experience includes using -Omics based approaches (e.g. genetic, epigenetic, metabolomics), statistical, and molecular biology methodologies, to identify heritable risk variants contributing to complex diseases. Dr. Keene is particularly interested in performing integrative -Omics analyses utilizing biospecimens from underserved and marginalized populations, with hopes of alleviating the disparate burden of disease in those populations.

Professor of Public Health Sciences
Founding Director, Center for Health Equity and Precision Public Health (CHEPPH)

Ph.D., 2007, Molecular Medicine, Wake Forest University School of Medicine
B.S., 2003, Biology, North Carolina A&T State University

Contact Information:
P.O. Box 800717
Charlottesville, VA 22908
Tel: (434) 243-5395
Fax: (434) 982-1815
Fontaine Research Park, Building 560

Multi-Omics, Complex diseases, stroke, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, diabetes, health equity

Research Interests:

Ongoing Research Support
North Carolina GlaxoSmithKline Foundation      Keene and Graham (Multiple PI)         07/01/2022-06/30/2027
Title: Growing a Diverse Public Health Workforce for Rural North Carolina through Graduate School Pathways
The goal of this proposal is to build pathways to recruit a diverse graduate student population through the development of a summer research immersion pathway program and providing graduate student scholarships.
Role: PI (Lead) at East Carolina University

National Science Foundation                         Moysey (PI)                                       08/01/2021-07/31/2026
Title: NRT-HDR: Finding Signal in the Noise to Enable Science-Based Community Response to Change in Coastal Region
The goal of the Coastal Community Environmental Data Scholars (CCEDS) NRT program is to train the next generation of scientists to take a convergent approach to data science, sensing, and modeling to understand how coastal change is driven by interrelationships between ecosystems and communities.
Role: Senior Personnel (at East Carolina University)

1 R01 HD101518-01        Hauck, Mychaleckyj, Keene (Multiple PI)                                            09/01/2020-08/31/2024
Title: Using Integrative Omics as Biomarkers and Diagnostic Tools for SIDS
The goal of this proposal is to comprehensively evaluate genetic and epigenetic determinates of SIDS and together with metabolomic profiles, identify novel clinical diagnostic tools to enable molecular autopsies, and ultimately, biomarkers to proactively identify and intervene in infants at greater risk of death from SIDS.
Role: PI

1R01HL150003-01         Annex and McClung (Multiple PI)                                                              12/01/2019 – 11/30/2024
Title: Clinical Phenotyping and Disease Specific Sampling to Identify Non-coding RNAs for Human Therapeutics in PAD
The goal of this proposal is to identify micro-RNA and lncRNAs that are altered in ischemic muscle and peripheral blood of patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) to determine how they contribute to the disease phenotype and whether they can be developed into biomarkers for diagnosis of PAD.
Role: Co-Investigator

Completed Research Support 
Bristol Myers Squibb                                      Keene (PI)                                         12/15/2021 – 06/30/2022
Title: East Carolina University Health Disparities Virtual Roundtable
The goal of this proposal is to organize and design a Health Disparities Virtual Roundtable event, hosted by the ECU Center for Health Disparities. This event would bring together health disparities/equity experts from across the country to discuss ways to alleviate disparities, form partnerships with academic, healthcare and state agencies, and help influence policies that address health disparities/equity.
Role: PI

Bristol Myers Squibb       C. Ellis, M. Jacobs, K. Keene (Multiple PI)                     12/15/2020 – 06/30/2021
Title: Racial Disparities in Stroke Outcomes
The goal of this proposal is to examine the presence/strength/satisfaction of social networks on stroke outcomes in African American and White stroke survivors residing in the eastern NC stroke belt.
Role: PI

CARES ACT Funding     Clay, Kearney (Multiple PI)                                                 08/01/2020 – 12/31/2020
Title: “Ethics Protocol for Vaccine Distribution” and “Eastern North Carolina COVID Mapping”
The goals of this project were: 1) Create an ethical framework and protocol distribution plan for COVID-19 vaccine(s); 2) Define and assess high risk, vulnerable populations for equitable vaccine distribution; 3) Detect emerging COVID-19 hotspot areas and prevention of spread in eastern NC.
Role:  Co-Investigator and administrative lead

1 R15 NS095115-01A1                     Keene and Brewer (Multiple PI)                             09/30/16 – 08/31/19
Title: Genetic evaluation of two novel loci associated with recurrent stroke
Role: PI (Administrative)
The goal of this proposal is to use cutting edge next generation DNA sequencing to identify genetic variants contributing to recurrent stroke risk at two novel loci.

Recent Publications: (select, student authors underlined)

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Complete List of Published Work: