Glasgow, Trevin, Ph.D.

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Trevin Glasgow, PhD

Dr. Trevin Glasgow joined the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Virginia as an Assistant Professor in July 2023. Dr. Glasgow is also a member of the University of Virginia Comprehensive Cancer Center’s (UVACCC) Cancer Prevention and Population Health (CPH) program. Having a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Dr. Glasgow is interested in the health and well-being of employee populations, which includes shift workers, such as firefighters, nurses, and coal miners. Working with faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. Glasgow helped establish a statewide firefighter cancer research registry: Virginia Firefighters for Lifelong Health (VA-FLH). Prior to coming to UVA, Dr. Glasgow was an Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA) Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Virginia Commonwealth University, working with Dr. Bernard Fuemmeler. Undergraduate and graduate students interested in employee health and well-being research are welcome to reach out to Dr. Glasgow about research opportunities.


Ph.D., Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Virginia Tech, 2020
M.S., Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Virginia Tech, 2017
B.A., Psychology (with distinction), University of Pennsylvania, 2015



survey/item development; multi-level modeling; structural equation modeling

Research Interests:

psychological benefits of health behaviors; health policy; occupational health psychology; intersection of occupational health psychology, health promotion, and cancer prevention

Recent Publications:

Fuemmeler, B.F., Dahman, B., Glasgow, T.E., Barsell, D.J., Oliver, J.A., Zhang, J., Hoyo, C., Murphy, S.K., McClernon, F.J., & Wheeler, D.C. (in press). Tobacco exposures are associated with health care utilization (HCU) and health care costs in pregnant persons and their newborn babies. Nicotine & Tobacco Research

Glasgow, T.E., Burch, J.B., Arcan, C., Reading, J.M., Theal, M., Cyrus, J.W., & Fuemmeler, B.F. (in press). A scoping review to identify research on lifestyle behaviors and chronic health conditions among firefighters. American Journal of Health Behavior

Glasgow, T. E., Burch, J. B., Arcan, C., & Fuemmeler, B. F. (2024). Cancer Prevention Among Firefighters: Examining Lifestyle, Screening Behavior, and Beliefs. Workplace Health & Safety. Advance online publication.   

Tatum, K. L., Morris, B. B., Glasgow, T. E., Lee, S. M. J., Barsell, D. J., Fugate-Laus, K., & Fuemmeler, B. F. (2024). Rural-specific identity and associations with lifestyle behaviors and well-being among rural cancer survivors. The Journal of Rural Health. Advance online publication.

Fuemmeler, B. F., Glasgow, T. E., Schechter, J. C., Maguire, R., Sheng, Y., Bidopia, T., Barsell, D. J., Ksinan, A., Zhang, J., Lin, Y., Hoyo, C., Murphy, S., Qin, J., Wang, X., & Kollins,  S. (2023). Prenatal and Childhood Smoke Exposure Associations with Cognition, Language, and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. The Journal of Pediatrics256, 77–84.e1.

Glasgow, T.E., Miller, C.A., Freudenberger, D., McGuire, K.P., & Fuemmeler, B.F. (2022). Support for cancer prevention public health policies: results from a nationally representative sample of residents in the United States. Translational Behavioral Medicine, 12(12), 1124–1132.

Glasgow, T. E., McGuire, K. P., & Fuemmeler, B. F. (2022). Eat, sleep, play: health behaviors and their association with psychological health among cancer survivors in a nationally representative sample. BMC Cancer, 22(1), 648.

Glasgow, T.E., Adams, E., Ksinan, A., Barsell, D.J., Lunsford-Avery, J., Chen, S., Kollins, S., Schechter, J.C., Maguire, R., Engelhard, M., Fuemmeler, B.F. (2022). Sleep onset, duration, or regularity: Which matters most for child adiposity outcomes?. International Journal of Obesity, 1-8.

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