JPA Clinic

Picture of the outside of the Department of Dentistry

We currently have 2 clinics —1222 Jefferson Park Ave. (“JPA”) and the Children’s Medical Center “Battle Building.”  The JPA clinic is an 11 room operatory clinic located on the 2nd floor in which we treat both private and specialty care patients. Four of the operatories are primarily designed for hygiene, and the others are procedure oriented. We also have a 13th operatory which is large enough to accommodate a mobile stretcher, but it is mainly used as a recovery room when it is not being used for consult care. We currently use Adec carts, Star handpieces, and Adec chairs. The operatories are dual entry, and they can be switched to accommodate both right and left-handed dentists. They are plumbed for nitrous units, nitrous oxide is one of our several sedation adjuncts.

UVA Health Dentistry 

Battle Building Clinic

battle building

Our “special needs” dental clinic is next door in the Battle Building which constitutes the bulk of the Children’s Medical Center at UVA Health, with a variety of disciplines represented there as well as Dentistry.  The Battle clinic is a 4 operatory clinic with new equipment, pretty much all Adec carts, chairs, with Star handpieces, and a new Cone Beam Sirona machine installed. PA to take CBCT as well, which will likely happen this coming year. In addition to the outpatient clinics, there is an outpatient ambulatory surgery center in Battle, though Dentistry still performs the bulk of its operating room/general anesthesia cases in the main hospital OR suite.  Battle is a multidisciplinary treatment facility for children and adolescents, though that definition seems to extend to patients in their twenties sometimes. Most of the care at this facility is administered through a variety of outpatient clinics, such as Pediatrics, Physical Therapy, Speech and Hearing, Occupational Therapy, Plastic Surgery, Otolaryngology.

Pediatric Dentistry 

Other Clinics

Other clinics are located in the Main Hospital wards, Emergency Room, and Operating Room. Dentistry provides consult care and treatment in the wards and ER. We also provide dental treatment under general anesthesia in the OR for those patients who cannot tolerate such treatment in a conscious state.