Procedures Offered


lady1The effects of gravity, exposure to the sun, and stress can be seen in our faces as we age. For example, deep creases form between the nose and mouth; the jawline can grow slack making us appear jowly and folds and fat deposits start to appear around the neck. A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, can’t stop this aging process. But it can turn back time, improving the most visible signs of aging, by removing excess fat, tightening underlying muscles, and re-draping the skin of your face and neck. A facelift can be done as a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with others such as a forehead lift, eyelid surgery,
or nose reshaping. Ask us about a program that is right for you or click on the link for a full brochure and additional information. Some people only require a neck lift or just lifting the face without the neck.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is designed to remove the excess fat, skin and muscle, from the upper and lower eyelids. It is the second most common aesthetic procedure performed by plastic surgeons. A blepharoplasty procedure can brighten the face and restore a more youthful appearance. The procedure is commonly done in a in an outpatient surgical center or, in some cases, in a hospital. Ask us if this procedure is right for you.

Nose Surgery

Cosmetic nose surgery or rhinoplasty, is designed to reduce excess cartilage and bone in the nose, removing irregularities and bumps to give a straightened, smooth and, sometines smaller appearance. Adding tissue to enhance certain features of the nose may also be a part of the process. The overall trend in modern rhinoplasty is individualized treatment of each segment of the nose to give a balanced and refined look without affecting its function. Ask us about your personalized cosmetic nose surgery.




Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, technically known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breast for a number of reasons. These include enhancement of the body contour, correct a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy, and to balance a difference in breast size, or as a reconstructive technique following breast surgery. By inserting an implant behind each breast, surgeons are able to increase a woman’s bustline by one or more bra cup sizes. Ask us if a breast augmentation procedure is right for you.

Breast Lift

Over the years, certain factors such as gravity take their toll on a woman’s breasts. As a result of skin loosing its elasticity, breasts often lose shape and firmness and may begin to sag. The surgical procedure to raise and reshape sagging breasts, is a breastlift or “Mastopexy”. Although no surgery delay the effects of gravity permanently, Mastopexy can increase both their firmness and their size (with implants). If you’re considering a breast lift, ask us more about when it can help, how it’s performed, and what results you can expect.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction, known as reduction mammaplasty, for women with very large, pendulous breasts. These women sometimes experience medical problems caused by the excessive weight, such as back and neck pain and skin irritation to skeletal deformities and breathing problems. Mammaplasty is a procedure that removes fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breasts, making them smaller, lighter, and firmer, as well as a reduction in the size of the areola, the darker area surrounding the nipple. The goal of breast reduction is to give women smaller, better-shaped breasts in proportion with the rest of their body. Ask us for more information about this procedure.




Liposuction is the surgical vacuuming of fat from beneath the surface of the skin. It is used to reduce fullness in any area of the body. It is an excellent method of spot reduction, but not a method for overall weight loss. Individuals who are slightly overweight can benefit from liposuction and generally people who have localized areas of protruding fat achieve the most dramatic results. Ask us if liposuction is right for you.

Tummy Tuck

Commonly known as “Tummy tuck,” abdominoplasty, is a major surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen and to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. The procedure can dramatically reduce the appearance of a protruding abdomen.  Some patients are also candidates for mini abdominoplasty.




This is a non-surgical procedure that smoothes the deep persistent frown lines between your brows that develop over time. Botox blocks the nerve transmission and relaxes the underlying muscles. So, you frown, smile or look surprised without the wrinkles and creases between your brows. The most common side effects are headache, respiratory infection, flue syndrome, temporary eyelid droop and nausea. Botox is a natural purified protein produced by the clostridium botulinum bacterium. When it is injected, Botox is usually confined to that area and it does not travel throughout the body. This treatment can last up to six months.


Dermabrasion and dermaplaning are skin-refinishing techniques to help smooth the skin’s top layers through a method of controlled surgical scraping. The treatments soften the sharp edges of surface irregularities, giving the skin a smoother appearance. Dermabrasion is used to improve the look of facial skin left scarred by accidents or previous surgery. It can also smooth out fine facial wrinkles, such as those around the mouth. Dermaplaning is often used to treat deep acne scars. Both dermabrasion and dermaplaning can be performed on small areas or on the entire face. They can be used alone, or in conjunction with other procedures such as facelift or chemical peel. Ask us about dermabrasion.


Fillers are any type of material used to add volume to the body. When used appropriately, they provide a more youthful appearance particularly in the face. Temporary fillers are often composed of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that already exists in the human body and is used to provide volume and fullness to the skin. It is used to correct moderate to severe wrinkles and folds and can also be used around the mouth and lips. This filler can last up to six to nine months.

Fat Grafts

Fat grafting is a state of the art technique in plastic surgery to permanently replace volume using the body’s own fat, or adipose tissue. This is gently removed from the body in a process similar to liposuction often resulting in an improved contour at the site of removal. Adipose tissue is then purified and carefully delivered to the area of concern providing volume enhancement. Typical treatment areas include the face and breasts. Fat grafting offers the only permanent, living tissue volume enhancement option for patients.