Electrodiagnostics Services

Electrodiagnostic Lab

The Electrodiagnostic Lab on the third floor of the Musculoskeletal Center offers diagnostic testing for a variety of disorders including carpal tunnel syndrome, radiculopathies, nerve injuries and neuromuscular diseases. Services include electromyography, nerve conduction and evoked potential studies.


All providers below offer Electrodiagnosis Terms:

Jeff Jenkins, M.D.

Ward Gypson, M.D.

Susan Miller, M.D.

Geoff Smith, M.D

Appointments or Information:

For further information or to refer a patient, please call:
(434) 243-5600, Fax (434) 243-5674

The Electrodiagnostic Lab is located at:

545 Ray C. Hunt Drive

Suite 310

Charlottesville, VA