Clinical Skills Center Access

Oversight Executive: CSC Director (Elizabeth Briere, M.Ed.)

Applies to: This departmental policy applies to all members of the UVA SOM community using the Clinical Skills Center, including our faculty, staff, volunteers, contractors, agents, affiliates, and others providing services to UVA SOM or on behalf of UVA SOM.

Reason for Policy: (taken from UVA SOM Code of Conduct) “UVA SOM community members have a shared responsibility to ensure a safe, secure, and healthy environment for all UVA SOM students, patients, faculty, staff, volunteers, and visitors. UVA SOM community members are expected to…maintain security, including securing UVA SOM assets…”

This is a departmental CSC policy designed to ensure that the School of Medicine guidelines outlined above are met.

Policy Statement:

  1. General Guidelines
    1. Clinical Skills Center (CSC) hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.
    2. Access to the Center for non-CSC staff is available during the business hours listed above. Use of the Center outside of these hours must be requested and approved by the Center’s Director at least 14 days prior to intended use. Reservation Form.
    3. All use of the Center outside of scheduled curricular activities must be pre-approved by the Center’s Director. Reservation Form.
    4. Learners and visitors to the Center must be supervised by a member of faculty or staff at all times.
    5. Access will be monitored by reviewing swipe card logs and surveillance cameras.
  2. Tours
    1. Visitor groups are allowed to tour the Center with prior approval obtained from the Center’s Director. Visitors over the age of 18 or minors accompanied by a legal guardian or with written permission from a legal guardian, singly and in groups, may tour the CSC after approval has been obtained.
    2. Tours must be approved at least one week in advance. In the event of less notice or same day requests, approval will depend on compliance with UVA and UVA SOM policies/procedures and CSC utilization at the time and is in the sole discretion of the staff of the CSC.
    3. Visitor groups shall not be larger than 10 people; larger groups will be split as appropriate.
    4. Visitors may enter the Center only under the supervision of a CSC employee. Instructions must be followed at all times.
    5. Visitors are not allowed to take photographs or videos or make any other recording while touring the facility unless pre-approved by Center’s Director.
  3. Temporary business access
    1. In case temporary access is needed for business purposes, i.e. construction, conference, etc., such access must be pre-approved by the Center’s Director.
    2. The business group representatives shall be accompanied by an CSC employee at all times.

Revised: August 2020


**COVID-19 updates: Any individual in the CSC must wear a mask, practice social distancing and disinfect area after each use.

Request Access to the Center:

To reserve the Center, use the Reservation Form.