Trasis All-in-One Automated Radiosynthesizer

Produce preclinical or clinical radiopharmaceuticals on a fully automated platform.Trasis radiosynthesizer

  • [18F]FET – primary brain tumors
  •  [11C]methionine – primary brain tumors – low-grade glioma
  •  [18F]DCFPyl- prostate cancer – PSMA
  • [18F]FAZA – hypoxic tumor microenvironment –predicting  radiation response
  • [18F]Fcholine – metastatic prostate cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma
  •  [18F]FDOPA – LAT1-overexpressing tumors; CNS tumors, dopamine turnover
  • [18F]FLT – head-and-neck tumors, cell proliferation
  • [18F]FMISO – tumor hypoxia status

List not meant to be all-inclusive. Trasis is an open-platform, thus, we can produce customized research radiopharmaceuticals.

Elixys Flex/ChemElixysFlex/Chem instrument

The Elixys Flex/Chem system is an open research platform capable of producing a variety of preclinical and clinical research imaging agents. Because the Flex/Chem is an open platform the tracer capabilities of this system are expansive and the user is encouraged to consult the Core Director for inquires regarding imaging agent study requests.

Hidex Automated Gamma Counter

Gamma detection window of 100-4,000 kEv (almost any research isotope (F18, C11, Tc99m, 125I, Ga68, Zr89, Cu64, Hidex gamma counteretc.))

Belt-driven/robotic arm automated system with a shielded internal sample balance

1.       Machine will tare and weigh empty or full vials and will decay-correct to specified time

2.       Data stored as an excel spreadsheet. Will provide raw counts and also convert to %ID/g or %ID/mL

  • in vitro radiopharmaceutical binding assays
  • in vitro radiopharmaceutical accumulation assays
  • ex vivo tissue biodistribution assays
  •  ex vivo arterial input function
  • ex vivo metabolite assays