Resource Statement

The radiochemistry core is a cGMP certified facility at the School of Medicine, University of Virginia as required by the U.S. Pharmacopeia Chapter 823 and 21CFR part 212, and is BSL-2 certified facility for aseptic processing. The UVARCF contains all the equipment needed to produce radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imaging research programs. The facility includes Siemens Eclipse™ HP 11 MeV Cyclotron that can produce curies amounts of 18F, 11C, 13N, and 15O using a 4-position automated target carousel. There are six Von Gahlen minicells that are populated with Eckert & Ziegler (E&Z) Modular Lab, the Elixys Flex/Chem system, Trasis All-in-One Automated Radiosynthesizer, Hidex Automated Gamma Counter, and Capintec dose calibrators. In addition, there is a Comecer MIP 1390 Laminar Flow Hot Cell with two manipulator arms. Furthermore, there is high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) system with radiation, UV-Vis, and refractive index detectors, Eckert & Ziegler AR-2000 Radio-TLC and Imaging Scanner, and Agilent 8890 gas chromatograph system for quality control of radiopharmaceuticals. Finally, laminar flow hood for sterile preparations.