PACS Help Page

University of Virginia Health System Picture Archiving System

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) at UVA

Department of Radiology Aids for Hospital Physicians & Surgeons

The PACS Client (Carestream Health) is intended for use by clinicians as an interactive tool for analyzing radiological data.

The PACS Client is divided into two areas:

ArchiveExplorer1. Archive Explorer:

The Archive Explorer provides the interface with the data archives. You can:

  • maintain your workflow
  • organize data within the archives
  • select images from the archives

The left pane displays folders and their location.

+sign – indicates that the folder can be “expanded” to show more entries

-sign – indicates that the folder can be “collapsed to show fewer entries

The right pane displays the contents of a folder selected in the left pane


2. Viewer Window:

After you select images in the archive explorer, the images appear in the viewer window.

From the Viewer Window you can:

  • manipulate and enhance images
  • perform diagnoses
  • view images


Contact Information:

For direct transfer, QA process questions or any PACS Client questions please contact the Radiology Application Team at:

Normal Working Hours (Mon-Fri from 0800-1700)

Help is now available for any systems issues including transfer to PACS at PIC 1902. (dial434-982-3500then the pic1902from an outside line or500then1902if calling from a UVa phone.)

After-hours Support (Mon-Fri from 1700-0800, Weekends and Holidays)

Systems issues (PACS, PowerScribe, etc): please use existing after-hours procedures.  The after-hours Radiology IT Support phone number is 434-906-5682.

Note: During after-hours, do not text page 1902. Please call the above number

For ED trauma workflow inquiries please contact:

Trauma Liaison: 434-924-8000