Safety Corner, v1.4

Radiation Dose Monitoring, Part 2

Radiation dose from imaging studies continues to be a concern of our patients. We all have concerns about any possible increase in risk from Radiation to develop Cancer. Radiation dose from imaging studies relevant to cancer risk continues to be in debate. However, it is vitally important that we use the most appropriate radiation dose to accomplish the best diagnosis for our patients. Therefore we must monitor for:

  • Correct Dose- Diagnostic Imaging Study
  • Suboptimal Dose-Nondiagnostic Imaging Study
  • High Dose (above the minimum required for diagnosis) – unacceptable extra dose and increased radiation burden to the Patient.

Monitoring doses from high dose procedures is particularly important. And to help us do so we now have a new tool-Radimetrics by Bayer Healthcare. It helps us track doses from high dose procedures and to optimize the careful balance between dose and diagnosis.

We can then study and learn what needs to be done and use the optimal dose for the Diagnostic Imaging Studies. Achieving that balance ensures that optimal patient care can then be provided.